Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Bookworm's Worst Fear

"Abibliophobia" (noun) 
     - The fear of running out things to read

A scary thought, right? Tell me I'm not alone in being terrified of the idea of not having something to read. I brought this up tonight when I was talking to my parents, five minutes later my dad had found this video on YouTube. It's absolutely terrifiying.


Heartbreaking and terrifying isn't it? 

As a kid I was always worried about having enough books. I was always dragging books out, because I hated the idea of finishing a book and not having another one to read. We had quite a few books in the house, but I'd read most of them and the rest were all romance novels that were my mother's that I had absolutely no interest in. I'm sure my parents could tell you about how often I begged to go to the bookstore. 

Recently Jamie at The Perpetual Page-Turner talked about "Time Between Books". It reminded me of that dilemma I always faced as a kid. Do I keep reading? Or make myself put it down because I don't know when I'll be able to get another book?

What about you? Can you relate? Is the video the stuffs of nightmares like it is for me? Leave a comment!


  1. Right now I own so many unread books that my big fear is that I will never get to read all of them before...something (sorry; don't want to say it--too morbid). That said, I get nervous when I go out without a book to read. What if I'm at the grocery store and bad guys hold us hostage for several hours? What if I'm at a party or otherwise out with friends and I get bored and have nothing to do but stand there? I think that this is slightly different from your fear, but those are mine. Also, I'm learning that within the bookish community, there is no truly weird behavior that at least one other person won't also have adopted. :)

  2. I totally now what you mean. I ALWAYS have a book with me, especially if I know there is going to be a wait.

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