Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Lights- Guest Post by Jen

Hello everyone! This is my absolute favorite time of year. What other time of year is so full of traditions? Old traditions that have been in your family for generations, new traditions you're trying out... As well as getting to do some of your favorite things that only happen once a year.
To help celebrate, I've asked a few of my favorite blogging friends to do guest posts over the next few days. Today is Jen! One of my fellow bloggers from The Broke and the Bookish . She wrote about something that is a favorite of mine as well... Enjoy!

Christmas lights. They make me happy. I love driving through neighborhoods and seeing the houses decorated with light displays. It's one of my favorite things to do this time of year. It's fun to see the different degrees of creativity and the amount of work people put into their Christmas light displays.
Some people go all out. Like all out. I'm talking about the ones who have a radio station you tune to that the lights are synced to. Those are always amazing and I wonder how long it takes the homeowners to string all the lights. These people usually even have lights on the yard and it seems every square inch of the house. There is a crazy light display near me and the homeowners serve hot chocolate and this year they are raising money to buy a local child a service dog. That is showing some definite Christmas spirit!
Then there are what I consider the "normal" light displays. Nothing outrageous but there's a good amount of lights. Then there are the "lazy" light decorators. The ones who run a string of lights around the doorway or put a couple netted lights in the bushes. They still have the holiday spirit but scaled down. If I ever own a house I will more than likely be a "lazy" light decorator. I'd rather see everyone else's Christmas lights.
In the town I grew up in there used to be a road where every single house would have crazy light displays (this was before you could include radio stations). The entire road would be lit up with colorful lights and it was so amazing. The unofficial name of the street was "Christmas Tree Lane". I have no idea what the real name was or even if all the houses still have a display of lights every year. I always loved going with my parents or grandparents when I was little. The houses always seemed magical.

Driving around to see the Christmas lights this time of year is one of my favorite things too. The things people come up with! My favorite is going to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. The light display is always incredible! What about you??? Any favorite light displays near you? Please leave a comment and share!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2013

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created over at my other blog, The Broke and the Bookish.

Cristin Terrill (All Our Yesterdays) Anything time travel grabs my attention, and this was no exception. I love her concept of time travel and of time itself.

Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass) LOVE LOVE LOVE this series! Now that I actually have time to read I get to read the sequel! 

Rainbow Rowell (Fangirl) Instant love. I've read Fangirl and Elenore and Park, I plan on reading everything else she writes!

Robert Galbraith (The Cuckoo's Calling) Okay, I'm totally cheating with this one. We all know that "Robert Galbraith" is actually JK Rowling. HOWEVER, I did not know it was her when I purchased the book. (The book was fantastic. Watch the blog for a review!)

Lauren Graham (Someday, Someday, Maybe) Yes. THAT Lauren Graham. Our own Lorelai. And she can write! Really enjoyed this, especially all of the wonderful details about NYC!

George R. R. Martin (Song of Ice and Fire) I knew who he was, but I hadn't read his books until this year. I'm completely addicted, just ask Daisy. I also refer to him as Evil Santa. 

Leigh Bardugo  (Shadow and Bone) Picked up one of her books by accident and fell in love with her storytelling and world building. 

John Green (The Fault in Our Stars) Yes yes yes, I know. I'm late to the party on this one. I had no idea who he was. Someone was talking about how much they loved TFiOS so I gave it a try... I don't think I've ever loved a book more.

Ruby Preston (Staged) I was introduced to this book by her publisher when she offered me a copy of the book for review. I loved it. It's another theatre book, and it shows the other side of theatre. Producing!

A.G. Howard (Splintered) I am so excited for the sequel for this! And completely envious of those lucky people who got an ARC!

A little exciting bit of news... I GRADUATED ON FRIDAY!!!! Yep! It finally happened! To show my excitement I leave you with a dancing Time Lord.