Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Heroines

1-   Elisa from the Fire and Thorns Series- Elisa is such an amazing character. I liked her even when we first meet her in the first chapter of Girl of Fire and Thorns, and she grows SO MUCH. She goes from being likable, to being incredible. Her determination, her loyalty, her faith. I adore her. 

2-    Hermione from Harry Potter- Because. Duh. Brave, a bookworm, loyal, and funny. I grew up with her, and I have so much love for her. I never felt bad about loving books, but she made it cool. Made me want to not just read more, but LEARN more.

3-     Raisa ana'Marianna from the Seven Realms series- Raisa is AWESOME. She defies stereotypes and works against incredible odds to accomplish her goals and do what she knows is right. She fights for her people, her family, and everything she cares about.

4-     Gabi and Lia from the River of Time series- I’m putting them together because they’re sisters, and they are so cool. They are thrown out of their own time and into a completely strange world. That doesn’t stop them from always fighting for what they love. They help anyone in need, and don’t listen to anyone that tries to tell them differently. They also possess a wonderful sense of humor and sarcasm.  Serious stuff happens, but it never gets too depressing because their optimism and sarcastic commentary.

5-     Ismae,Sybella and Annith from His Fair Assassin series- These girls! I adore them. I just finished Mortal Heart, which tells Annith’s story and concludes the series. I was sad to close the book and say goodbye to them. Each of the girls are very different from one another, and each are absolutely fantastic in their own way. Ismae is stubborn and loving, Sybella is darkly cynical and loyal, Annith is steadfast and kind. These girls are wonderful!

6-     Nita and Dairine from the Young Wizard Series- Another pair of awesome sisters. Bookish, and proud geeks. They love learning, they are dedicated to each other. They’re sisters, and they will always have each other’s backs and they are fiercely protect of those they love.

7-     Vin from the Mistborn series- This girl rocks! She starts off a skinny kid on the streets, then she meets a rather usual group of people. She learns just how much potential she has, and pretty much explodes into awesomeness.

8-     Sabriel and Lirael from the Abhorsen series-  These girls are tough. They don’t have the easiest lives. But when something goes wrong, they rise to the occasion, kick butt, save lives and make friends.

9-     Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series- I love her because she is smart and tough. And it’s not really all that important, but she’s blond.  How often do you come across a blond heroine? Usually they’re petite with dark hair and eyes. She pulls Percy, and their friends, out of trouble on multiple occasions.

10-  Yelena from the Study Trilogy- She’s one of my absolute favorite heroines ever. She starts out pretty low, a dungeon to be exact. She’s given the chance to live, as long as she is clever enough not to get herself killed. She goes from dirty, almost starving to death, to strong and clever. She’s witty and finds friends in unusual places, never judging anyone too quickly.  

Tell me! Who are YOUR favorites?? Share in the comments below!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

"I Belong With You, You Belong With Me, You're My Sweetheart!"

Obviously it has been a while since I've done much blogging. There are REASONS. Really. I'm here to tell you a story.

About 6-7ish years ago, a boy from Wyoming moved to Utah. He was living in his brother's basement while he searched for a job. He finally found a good job, then bought his brother's home from him when they moved. He settled in to live where he “would never ever live”, good Ol' Utah.

Around this same time, the boy met a girl while at a park with a group of friends. He's immediately attracted to this absolutely amazing girl. He was also, strangely, doing the repair work on the girl's aunt's basement.

Sounds like a destined meeting, right? The meet cute. They meet, date, fall in love and get married. (And if you do it in Utah *cough Provo Valley cough* fashion, you do it all in less than six months.

Not quite.

Girl secretly likes him. Boy secretly likes her.

Nothing happens.

Fast forward five years.

The girl's best friend is dating the boy's best friend. Same group of friends, multiple interactions. Multiple (failed) hints from the girl.


Girl's best friend attempts to set her up with the boy's younger brother.

Movement begins.

Then, one fateful movie night in July of 2013 the girls best friend takes cold medicine. It quickly becomes apparent that it's a good thing she doesn't drink, as she proves to be a lightweight. After literally carrying her friend to bed, the girl comes back upstairs and the boy is waiting for the girl so he can walk her out to her car.


He asks for her number, which the girl gives to him in a completely calm manner. She then gets into her car and drives away, once she turns the corner, she begins giggling like a maniac.

From there on things work out well, he proceeds to sweep the girl off her feet by coming and helping out with the show she's stage managing. They discover their mutual love of sushi, animated movies (Miyazaki) and geeky BBC shows. She introduces the boy to the world of theatre, he helps her keep her sanity during her final semester of her undergrad.

Finally, the girl gets that long awaited degree and the boy is there in the audience cheering and clapping for her alongside her family.

The two continued to spend time teasing, making each other laugh, going on hikes, meeting each other's families and falling in love.

November 2013, the boy's best friend marries the girl's best friend. He's a groomsman, she's a bridesmaid.

December 24th, 2013 The first “I Love You”.

January-June (family of both the boy and girl wait and plot)

Fast forward to July 5th 2014. The girl goes camping with her entire family up near Mirror Lake, the boy, like always, comes with. This time joined by the two best friends, and kayaks.

Before heading out on the kayaks, the group takes a walk around the beautiful Mirror Lake. At one point, the boy stops to take pictures then hands his phone to his friend and asks him to take a picture. The girl does the same. After a few pictures, the boy stops, and turns around to get something from his pack. When the boy turns back around he has a small box. Inside is a ring. THE ring.

He goes down on one knee and, in his nervous state skips the fancy words and gets to the important part. “Will you marry me?” He asks?

The girl laughs, “Yes, of course I will!”

Lots of hugs and giggles follow, all recorded by sneaky best friends. (Who KNEW the whole time!)

The boy and girl return to the family camp where sight of the ring provokes a range of emotions and reactions from her relatives.

From a hysterically excited aunt who can't stop crying and hugging the girl, to the uncles who were “definitely NOT teary-eyed”, the delighted cousin who responds with “SHUT UP!” and the ever so classic response of “It's about time!” from her grandfather.

Four and a half months later, laughing and smiling as always, the boy and girl are married with their friends and family surrounding them. Smiles and sniffles all around. Smiles from the moms, and sniffles from the father of the bride.


The name of this post are some of the lyrics from The Lumineers "Ho Hey". It was our "First Dance" song. :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When it Comes to Romances in Books

Hosted by my other blog, The Broke and The Bookish

I'm such a sucker for a good romance. However it HAS to have the right ingredients, and not have too many of those tropes that annoy me. Here is my list of Dislikes and Likes!


1- Instalove. I know this will be on a lot of lists, but seriously, can we just get rid of this? It's not even entertaining. He or she walks in the door and BAM. It's love. No. Let's find out who they are first. Maybe start with a name?

2- Physical Attraction Only. I get so tired of reading about how hot someone is. Yes, you are falling for them, but give me a break! It's not just about looks. To steal a favorite quote... (It's from a character describing her husband)

"You know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful -- and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later they're dull as a brick; but then there's other people. And you meet them and you think, "No bad, they're okay." and when you get to know them... their face just, sort of, becomes them, like their personality's written all over it, and they just -- they turn into something so beautiful. He's the most beautiful man I've ever met."

THAT is what I'm looking for. Because honestly, that's one of the most romantic and heartwarming descriptions of love I've ever heard.

3- Too Stupid to Live Heroines. I want the two to be equal partners, not always having to save or cover for one or the other because their love interest isn't capable of taking care of themselves. I get that guys love to rescue a damsel in distress. Go for it. But if it's because she's just too dumb, maybe you should let natural selection do it's job.

4- ANGST! Angst/Lack of Communication. Oh how you wear me out and make me hate characters, angst. If you're worried all the time about what he/she thinks of you. Or question where you stand with them. Or have ANY issues that could be solved by maybe, I dunno, TALKING TO THEM? Do it. Communicate. It's only THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of a relationship. But go ahead. Loose sleep over a text message that didn't include a smiley. (“Oh no! Is he mad? Did I do something wrong?? Omigosh!)

5- Dominate/Stalking/Manipulative Relationships. There is NOTHING attractive about someone who follows you/watches you all the time. (My husband teases he watches me while I sleep. He doesn't, because he knows I'd strangle him in his sleep if he did that.) Also, what about personal space? And as for being manipulated in a relationship? Where is the romance in THAT?

Now for the stuff I love!


6-Friends Falling in Love. Growing up together and falling in love? Yes please! (Lola and the Boy Next Door, anyone?) I love that shared history, and how much it adds to the relationship. Especially when they've seen each other through the awkward years and remember the best moments, as well as the most embarrassing parts. It keeps them humble. :)

7- Playful Teasing/Banter. I love the back and forth teasing. I find it adorable. A couple that makes each other laugh is about 100 times more interesting to me than the ones who are always sickly sweet to each other. It's not all just roses and perfectly chosen words. It's laughter and teasing and inside jokes.

8- Slow Burn Romance. They dance around each other. They tease here and there. They start to notice little things. A fun laugh. Shared love of books/music/movies. They dance a bit more... Until I'm practically yelling at them to finally kiss, or at least hold hands! Anything! But it is oh so compelling to watch them slowly fall for each other. And the moment when they finally realize they're supposed to be together? Don't you dare interrupt me while I'm reading. ;)

9- Foreign Locations. A romance with a backdrop of a completely new place? YES! (I'm looking at you, Stephanie Perkins and Gayle Forman!) Not only is the atmostphere of the setting seductive as a reader, watching the two characters discover together the wonders of where they are, or one of them showing the other around and helping them to discover all the hidden delights, is so fun!

10- Beyond Boy Meets Girl. It's rare, especially since so much of what I read is YA, but I LOVE when we see the relationship continue beyond them meeting and falling in love. I want the ever after. What is their “after”? I was beyond delighted when I read something recently (not going to say what, because, spoilers sweetie) and we got to see the PROPOSAL. Not only did the characters meet, fall in love and overcome a lot together, but they LASTED. They made it. I know many think that the romance ends after “I do”. But it so doesn't. At least I certainly hope not, because that would make marriage rather boring.

So! What are some of your likes/dislikes? Share your list in the comments!

(I just noticed that the last time I posted was two days before I got engaged! It's been WAY too long since I've blogged!)