Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Heroines

1-   Elisa from the Fire and Thorns Series- Elisa is such an amazing character. I liked her even when we first meet her in the first chapter of Girl of Fire and Thorns, and she grows SO MUCH. She goes from being likable, to being incredible. Her determination, her loyalty, her faith. I adore her. 

2-    Hermione from Harry Potter- Because. Duh. Brave, a bookworm, loyal, and funny. I grew up with her, and I have so much love for her. I never felt bad about loving books, but she made it cool. Made me want to not just read more, but LEARN more.

3-     Raisa ana'Marianna from the Seven Realms series- Raisa is AWESOME. She defies stereotypes and works against incredible odds to accomplish her goals and do what she knows is right. She fights for her people, her family, and everything she cares about.

4-     Gabi and Lia from the River of Time series- I’m putting them together because they’re sisters, and they are so cool. They are thrown out of their own time and into a completely strange world. That doesn’t stop them from always fighting for what they love. They help anyone in need, and don’t listen to anyone that tries to tell them differently. They also possess a wonderful sense of humor and sarcasm.  Serious stuff happens, but it never gets too depressing because their optimism and sarcastic commentary.

5-     Ismae,Sybella and Annith from His Fair Assassin series- These girls! I adore them. I just finished Mortal Heart, which tells Annith’s story and concludes the series. I was sad to close the book and say goodbye to them. Each of the girls are very different from one another, and each are absolutely fantastic in their own way. Ismae is stubborn and loving, Sybella is darkly cynical and loyal, Annith is steadfast and kind. These girls are wonderful!

6-     Nita and Dairine from the Young Wizard Series- Another pair of awesome sisters. Bookish, and proud geeks. They love learning, they are dedicated to each other. They’re sisters, and they will always have each other’s backs and they are fiercely protect of those they love.

7-     Vin from the Mistborn series- This girl rocks! She starts off a skinny kid on the streets, then she meets a rather usual group of people. She learns just how much potential she has, and pretty much explodes into awesomeness.

8-     Sabriel and Lirael from the Abhorsen series-  These girls are tough. They don’t have the easiest lives. But when something goes wrong, they rise to the occasion, kick butt, save lives and make friends.

9-     Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series- I love her because she is smart and tough. And it’s not really all that important, but she’s blond.  How often do you come across a blond heroine? Usually they’re petite with dark hair and eyes. She pulls Percy, and their friends, out of trouble on multiple occasions.

10-  Yelena from the Study Trilogy- She’s one of my absolute favorite heroines ever. She starts out pretty low, a dungeon to be exact. She’s given the chance to live, as long as she is clever enough not to get herself killed. She goes from dirty, almost starving to death, to strong and clever. She’s witty and finds friends in unusual places, never judging anyone too quickly.  

Tell me! Who are YOUR favorites?? Share in the comments below!

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  1. I LOVE Elisa and Hermione and Raisa and Yelena and Annabeth and basically all the lovely ladies you mention from the books I've read :) And I really need to get on to reading Mistborn and the Abhorsen series...


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