Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Essays submitted- check

Finals completed- check

In other words? I'm FREE! 

Jennifer Lawrence 

At least for a week. Then my summer classes start, but those are all online and easy.

I have a stack of books ready and 5 seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD to watch. I am SO ready for this summer to start.

So this will be me for the next several weeks.

It also means that my poor blog is actually going to get some attention. I've read some amazing books lately that I'm dying to review and I'm seeing The Secret Garden this Saturday which I'll probably do a review for.

Anyone else finished with finals and ready to relax and read for fun?


  1. YAY! :D Enjoy your time off :) I'm so ready for it to be summer as well!

  2. Jealous! I hope you enjoy The Secret Garden, I love the music.

    1. Secret Garden is one of my favorite musicals! Better than the book or movie!

  3. I'm so jealous!! I don't finish my finals until May 14th :( Enjoy your break!! Knowing I will get to read all summer is the only think keeping me going right now haha

    Looking forward to reviews :)

    1. And I thought my university was behind! That's a long time to wait for finals. :P I hope you get to read lots of lovely books once you're done!


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